Deja vu a century later as Germany seeks ‘reparations’ on UK in Brexit treaty negotiations

Deja vu a century later as Germany seeks ‘reparations’ on UK in Brexit treaty negotiations by Ken Schortgen

n 1919 the Allied Powers of Britain, France, Italy, and the United States imposed huge war reparations on the country of Germany in putting the blame on them for starting the continental battle that would be known as World War I.  And now almost 100 years later, Germany is seeking to reverse the tables and demand their own reparations against the UK for seeking the leave the European Union and the Maastricht Treaty.

The amount of reparations imposed upon Germany a century ago by the Allies was around $33 billion, a sum that bankrupted the German State and led to the hyperinflation of the Weimar Republic.  And as punishment to the UK for their temerity in voting for a Brexit out of the EU, Germany, through their proxies ruling in the European Commission out of Brussels, seek to more than double this indemnity by calling for a $75 billion (63 billion euros) tax to leave.

“Germany, Italy and a number of other EU countries are backing the European Commission’s calls for London to pay billions in a ‘divorce bill.’

The sum at stake is over €60 billion ($75 billion), and the EU Commission wants it all to be paid before the bloc starts negotiating future trade deals with London.

The final payment’s reportedly due in 2023.

— Russia Today
EU has become Germany's 4th Reich

EU has become Germany’s 4th Reich

Legally the EU doesn’t have the power to impose any ‘exit or divorce tax’ upon Britain, and is more than likely using this as a scare tactic to either force the British legislature to back down on filing Article 50, or to try to scam as much money from the UK as possible before the EU is forced to both repatriate foreign workers residing in Britain, and lose out on billions from their VAT tax scheme.

Additionally, the EU has the power over its remaining member nations to either limit or exclude the UK from signing any trade deals with them, and thus Britain may be willing to pay the divorce tax simply to be allowed to facilitate ongoing commerce with trade partners they already have on the continent.

The actions being elicited by the unelected bureaucrats in Brussels, and the fact that the EU has become little more than a proxy state for Germany (some are now actually calling it the 4th Reich), are more than enough to validate that Britain has made the right move in choosing to leave the EU before they would have eventually lost all their sovereignty in the Union’s push for both political and economic dominance over Europe.  And just as Russia defeated the EU economically over the past three years in their mutual war of sanctions by simply finding new and better markets elsewhere, that should be a signal on how the British government should proceed by simply exiting the Union without any concessions, and follow the same path as Moscow which will end up leaving Brussels with nothing.

Source – Rogue Money

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