Storm Lucifer to Pound California This Weekend, Dumping Large Amounts of Rain (Video)

Storm Lucifer to Pound California This Weekend, Dumping Large Amounts of Rain Video

As Major Pacific Storm Lucifer, yes folks, “Storm Lucifer,” Aims for Southern California On Friday and Saturday, engineers are frantically reducing the outflow from Lake Oroville as Storm Lucifer is set to dump up to a foot of rain over the early part of the weekend.

The next name on the Southern California Weather Force list is Lucifer; he’ll certainly pack a major punch. With areas Ventura north and westward starting as early as Thursday, the strongest effects will be on Friday for the metros and high desert areas and Saturday in the Eastern Deserts. The SCWF Flood Watch is in place, reports Southern Californian Weather Force.

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Two small Earthquakes were recorded near Lake Oroville in the last 24 hrs. which appear to be a result of the fast lake level changes, and the subsequent release of pressure from water weight, reports WUWT.

The reservoir exceeded its capacity over the weekend, which sent water overflowing into an unlined, emergency spillway. That overflow sent soil, rock and forest debris into the Feather River below.

More than 100,000 residents south of the dam remain under an evacuation advisory and should be prepared to flee to higher ground should the dam overflow and the spillways collapse, authorities said, reports The LA Times.

Yet another storm is going to hit the area early next week.

The stricken Oroville Dam is in for more torrential rain as the jet stream will continuously pound California over the next ten days and bring huge amounts of moisture from the Pacific Ocean into the state.

The dam will take a direct hit as the jet stream pounds California.

After five years of a miserable drought, incredible amounts of rain have piled up in just two months across low-lying areas of the state, mountains of snow have accumulated in the higher elevations of the Sierra Nevada Mountains and much more is to come over the next 10 days.

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