Silver Demand Facing a Seismic Shift | Jeff Clark (Video)

Silver Demand Facing a Seismic Shift | Jeff Clark Video

Which precious-metal hungry nation’s government has declared a war on cash & gold which is driving a seismic shift into silver, and will this demand overwhelm the world’s razor-thin supply to skyrocket the physical silver market? Jeff Clark, Senior Precious Metals Analyst at, returns to Reluctant Preppers to weigh in from the Silver Screen to the Silver Skyrocket we can watch for​ going forward!


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1) Why are Hollywood and Media Revealing a New Fascination with Gold and Financial Manipulation?
A) – Recent rash of movies & TV productions on finance coming out (The Wolf of Wall Street, The Big Short, Gold, Madoff mini-series)..
What does this signify about:
—Awakening popular consciousness & concern about risk and untold truth,
– We’ve always had bubbles in your history, that you really need to pay attention to, or go with the flow at your peril.
– Risk is getting much higher in the system right now.
– Gold is not just about defense, but offense.
– Most people aren’t really waking up to the need for preparedness

— Reality of importance of elite scheming and power players pulling the strings from behind the “bubble”
— Conspiracy theory vs Conspiracy Fact – recognition on the part of ordinary people.

B) Real-life accuracy of the movie and any trend or principles still in place that if tells us about the industry?

C) Lessons learned from the movie “Gold” mentioned in your article?
Gold Stocks Are MUCH More Risky Than Gold
speculative leverage of mining stocks vs. physics metal
taking on a different risk profile than holding real money
need to consider: management experience, jurisdiction stability, your financial breadth & risk tolerance.
You Must Someday Sell
Paper gains are only realized when you sell your appreciated asset to lock in a profit
Improve your standard of living
Sell and overvalued asset class and buy an undervalued asset class
Can’t predict future currency, but need to watch potential value asset classes will prove a dashboard of indicators to identify early exit strategy points later in the Gold bull market

2) Indian Government Driving a Seismic Shift from Gold & Cash to silver?
Government policies driving a major turning point in India for Gold vs. Silver demand
– government policies against holding cash and gold – Remember Hitler took away Germans’ guns before consolidating dictatorial power. – India demand for gold (jewelry) like owning stocks/mutual funds i the US – Gold demand falling just this year in India (very rare event!) – Or is demand going underground, not reported?
– “Official” reasons vs. the real reasons?
– What is the importance of these principles and the significance for us?

– Seismic shift in rotating gold demand into silver “the money of the people”?
– Silver jewelry sales officially more than 300% growth over past few years in India
– Indian demand can drive a real shortage – If 10% of Indian Gold demand shifts into silver, global silver demand jumps 65%
– Silver will outperform gold up& down: it’s a tiny market and much more volatile
– Gold rose 2300% in 1980 but silver rose 3100% during the same time.
– Supply: lots of silver, but most of it gets used up for industry, not economic to recover: tiny portions
– Not enough new silver supply if there’s a spike in demand: expect a major price spike!

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