Worsening Oroville Dam Crisis: The Good, the Bad, the Ugly

Worsening Oroville Dam Crisis: The Good, the Bad, the Ugly by Dave Hodges

Later tonight, the first of 3 major storms will hit the Oroville area. Will the Oroville Dam hold? We collectively pray that it does.

During the present crisis and largely due to the fact that Paul Preston and I were among the first to report on this, we have both attracted people, in an offiical capacity who want the truth to be told, even if they must keep their name secret in the procdess. Subsequently, I have managed to establish a number of off-the-record and on-the-record contacts in this process.

In this article, I am going to present three scenarios that are highly representative of the three major viewpoints of this crisis, which I am labeling the good, the bad and the ugly.

The Good

The following account represents the best case scenario regarding the present structural integrity of the dam. This information is derived from the former professional contact of the author of the following communication. As far as knowledgeable people, with regard to the prevent crisis, this is the most optimistic projection of what lies ahead for the 2 million people living between the Orovillle Dam and Sacramento.

Dave,Thank you so much for your reports!

My Background:
Your report on Oroville dam hits home for me. I lived in Oroville for about 7 years. I was the County Executive Director for the Dep. of Ag, Farm Service Agency for Butte County.

Yes this is a huge rice growing area and large acreage of nut and fruit orchards in the Yuba and Sutter Counties (in harms way if the dam breaks). Butte has huge orchard acres too but are north of the dam, so they would not be effected. I worked with most of the farmers there and feel for them.

I love our farmers and believe they are the “back” that is barely holding up our nation. And their backs are breaking under the load. Us younger guys who wanted to farm never got the chance since it took too much capital to get started.


There are thousands of us that would love to replace our dad’s and grandparents on our farms, but it almost impossible to make it work. I hold the government and corporate monopolies responsible for the dying of the American family farmer.

Inside Report on the Dam:
I wanted to give you some inside feedback. I have been concerned about my friends around Oroville and have been calling them. I’m currently living back where I grew up, here in Idaho. I talked with one of my friends who is close to those working on fixing the dam.

I received a good report from him. The hole that is eroding is better than they thought. The projected rate of flow coming from the next storms is less that the last one. Also, they will have the water level down about 50′ by the time the rain storm hits, so there is enough capacity to handle the new runoff based on weather predictions.

Bottom line is it seems, they may have barely got out of this major disaster for now. He also said there is major work that needs to be done to get it repaired. I think they are not “out of the woods” since there is a lot rainy season left but maybe they will get through this without a failure. I agree that it would be wise to move to higher ground and assess after this week. I have relayed that to people I know down there.

Also, he said there was some looting in Oroville right a first, but as of now no new looting. Oroville has surrounded the wagons and community leaders/police and all have done a good job to take care of my 2nd home town. He said I would be proud of they way they pitched in and are getting through this.

In spite the evil Ca leadership, good, hard working, local normal people are holding back the evil.

It causes me grief to hear how the lack of Ca State leadership has put millions of people in harms way.

I emailed your link to many of my contacts. Thank you again for your diligent research for the truth.

   Mark Maurer


Remember, I am characteriing the previous account as representative of the most optimistic viewpoint with regard to the structural integrity of the dam. Yet, even in this most optimistic account, Mr. Mauer expresses some doubt as to whether the dam can survive, not just the next three storms which will point the area in the next six days, but whether the dam will survive the entire rainy season. And even in this optimistic account, the authro things the people should be moved to higher ground.

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