Political Assassination of General Flynn (Video)

Political Assassination of General Flynn Video

General Michael Flynn’s departure from the White House is indeed a tragedy and a TRAVESTY – not of his own making.

The big story that the MSM is trying desperately to hide is the outrageous criminal violation of national security that the conversations between Russia’s ambassador and Flynn, the designated National Security Adviser to the President-Elect, were not only monitored and recorded, but then transcripts of that classified conversation were circulated to selected members of the pro-leftist press purely for political gain.

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This is not only a violation of Presidential security, but it also revealed what’s known in the intelligence business as “sources and methods” – something that usually brings the big heat down – and fast.

The perpetrators of this phone tap on President Trump and his staff need to be hunted down, charged with espionage, tried, convicted and sent to the slammer for the rest of their natural lives. President Trump cannot conduct a government that can expose even his private conversations to the world for political gain.

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