Jobs, Gold, Fake Economy, The Fed and Trump (Video)

Jobs, Gold, Fake Economy, The Fed and Trump (Video)

Our economy is an illusion, a mirage if you will. By definition a mirage is illusory, without substance or reality – something associated with hallucinations, which is exactly what our economy is today – a mirage.

People have this misguided belief that President Trump is going to somehow “bring the jobs home”. What jobs? Manufacturing? Perhaps a few jobs will return to the U.S. but the picture painted while Trump was on the campaign trail was one of thousands upon thousands of manufacturing jobs returning. You know, you open the door of a factory and see hundreds of people building widgets of all sorts. Something like what is happening at Foxx Con today in China. Well, those jobs are all being automated as quickly as possible. China is leading the charge to automate as many manufacturing jobs as possible.

Google and UBER are both racing to see which company can convert all the taxi’s to driverless. While other companies are developing driverless tractor-trailers.

What about all the kiosk that are showing up in restaurants all across the U.S.? Who’s jobs are in the crosshairs with that technology?

These are just the bigger jobs markets that remain to be replaced through robotics and automation. The technology is growing at a pace far quicker than most people can understand or wrap their heads around. Within the next 2 to 5 years there will be a robotics revolution. Bill Gates has already stated that robots will be in a multitude of homes by 2030, which is only 13 years away, barely more than the next two Presidential election cycles.

Please don’t misunderstand I like Trump, I think he’s great for shaking things up and creating a dialogue amongst the people. Some the people are simply criminal with their reaction, but by and large, people are once again discussing politics at the dinner table, the dinner party and other casual gatherings all across the country. This is yuge. This has not happened, in mass, in quiet some time. We need people discussing the events of the day, we need people paying attention to what the President is actually doing and who he is doing it with and to. So, I’m grateful Trump was elected President and is stirring the pot, big time!!

Look at what one of President Trump’s first acts was – called a meeting of the heads of the presstitute media – fake news organizations – and declared war against their propaganda, lies and deceit. This won the hearts and minds of a lot of people. Very few people were upset, outside of the CIA and presstitute media organizations, for Trump doing this and putting these talking heads in their place. Thank goodness Trump did not waste any time in making this happen. While still fresh on the minds of people all across the U.S., and the world, Trump reminded us all, and them, the presstitute media had completely missed the absolute ground swell of people attending Trump rallies and calling for Hillary to win – a piece of coordinated propaganda by the 6 – count ’em, 6 – companies that own almost 100% of the media outlets around the country. They were officially put on notice by the President.

There is a lot more in 18 minute conversation so, give it a listen.

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