This Week With Batchelor and Cohen (Podcast)

This Week With Batchelor and Cohen Podcast

This week’s program focused primarily upon the Kremlin-baiting of the U.S. press and the leaks by the “establishment” against members of Trump’s inner circle. How does this effect the New Cold War and the hope for a new détente between the U.S. and Russia?

Events are moving fast in Washington and The War Party has opened several fronts against the new Trump administration. All the while, the situation on the ground in Ukraine and Syria continues to deteriorate and the US/NATO continue to forwardly station troops and materiel directly upon the Russian border.

We’ve been publishing these weekly discussions for over three years now and, sadly, we must continue to do so as this crisis only seems to deepen with each passing week. Please be sure to listen this week and every week as the information supplied by Mr. Batchelor and Professor Cohen is the only fair and balanced perspective that you’ll find anywhere in the western media.


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