Rob Kirby & Chris Waltzek (Podcast)

Rob Kirby & Chris Waltzek Podcast


  • Similar to the tragic water reservoir failure currently unfolding in California, Rob Kirby of Kirby Analytics identifies extreme risks to the financial markets.
  • Even the mainstream press is starting to acknowledge the risks posed by market manipulation schemes, in particular, in the PMs sector. 
  • Bitcoin GBTC is one of the few remaining de facto free markets, for the most part, as institutions have few short-selling options available.
  • As enticing as Bitcoin appears on paper, threats to the blockchain structure could lead to an exodus of funds into the PMs.
  • Evidently, 3 fold the annual gold production was sold in the market during the US Presidential election, evidence of market manipulation on a grand scale. 
  • Our guest proposes that the US Treasury is operating vis-à-vis the Exchange Stabilization Fund / PPP, to subdue the PMs to maintain US dollar hegemony. 
  • Policymakers are slowly recognizing that Bitcoin and related alternatives represent a modern example of Gresham’s Law.
  • Bitcoin is emblematic of the end game of the neo-Keynesian economic system. 
  • Will the fiat currencies eventually succumb to Bitcoin, the only unencumbered currency in circulation? 
  • Rob Kirby suggests that the rise in popularity of Bitcoin stems directly from global distrust of central banking operations.

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