Official Warning Will Come Too Late | Brad Harris (Video)

Official Warning Will Come Too Late | Brad Harris Video

What critical characteristic do a nuclear reactor, a spillway dam, and a weaponized deer tick have in common? Buckle up for a rapid-fire expose of the systematic denial, diversion, and diminished disclosure that official warnings from government and corporations are using to avoid accountability while leaving the innocent public in grave danger.

Emergency newsfeed analyst, preparedness instructor, and founder & host of, Brad Harris, returns to Reluctant Preppers to sound the alarm that we must break free from unwarranted and unsafe dependency on institutional information sources, and what specific steps we can take to mitigate risk and build homestead-ready skills and relationships!

Video Source

Fukushima reactor leak: increased impact and new developments
Population changing event, drastically underreported.
Major releases of radioactivity into the ocean.
Visible effect growing
Tokyo Electric Power Co & Japanese Govt both behind the curve in public disclosure
Continued slow reveal has been ongoing and progressively serious admissions.
You must not wait until the official warning
Govt wants you to: go to work, be happy, pay your taxes.
Hundreds of times the exposure that can cause: radiation sickness, long term health effects

What must an aware and prepared head-of-household do now to reduce their risk
* consider changing your eating habits
* cleanse your body from radiation
* Children of Chernobyl were given fruit pectin to pull heavy metals and radiation toxins out of the body: Pectin regimen cannot hurt. Search “Chernobyl Pectin”
* No Pacific fish, no CA produce

Orovillle CA spillway disaster response and public warning
* Residents have been allowed to live far to close
* 200,000 resident told to evacuate within one hour
* Vital importance of a Go-Bag, so you can get out in a hurry * Ability to create fire * signal * Ward off wild animals * Sawyer water purifier * Shelter (nylon tarp shelter)
* Get alternative sources of info, since you CANNOT rely on corporate media & government bulletins.
* This will happen at the onset of any major disaster, official sources will predictably deny, underreport to true risk, and live you vulnerable and unprotected.

Survival & Preparedness Retreats & Courses key takeaways
* “” upcoming
* Personal survival, wilderness survival, personal 1-year planning
* Practical skill training, Hands-on experiential learning
* Trapping & butchering animals
* Wild edibles instructors: find, identify, prepare & eat
* Fire starting on a cold, wet, humid, windy day.

Recent Move from City to Homestead!
* Base reasoning: * We are reaching a time when crisis events are increasing in frequency * Risk of pandemics and systemic disasters is dramatically growing * CDC given sweeping new powers to contain an outbreak, prevent the movement of families & children
* Search Criteria: * Closeness to nuclear reactors * Getting back to the roots of what each person was put here to do: live life connected * Community: let it out into the preparedness community that they were looking for a homestead. * Low-crime
* Timing/Trigger * Daniel Smith, said come on over, it’s a good location to live far from crowds. * Aquaponics
* Lessons learned * Take a step, which will open other options you never would have founds if you hadn’t taken that first step. * Tendency to remain closed-in vs. make good close friends within your trusted awareness community. * Listen to our inner survival instincts

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