#LockHerUp: Hillary Clinton Gradually Losing Veneer of Being ‘Too Big to Jail’

#LockHerUp: Hillary Clinton Gradually Losing Veneer of Being ‘Too Big to Jail’ by Ekaterina Blinova

While US mainstream media is rife with rumors about Hillary Clinton’s possible political comeback, Wall Street analyst Charles Ortel and Haitian-born journalist Dady Chery told Sputnik that the two-time presidential candidate may very soon find herself in a heap of legal trouble.

It appears that Hillary Clinton has no intention to leave the stage for the time being, and rumors continue to circulate about Hillary’s comeback as the Democrats’ “heavy artillery” or the Big Apple’s next mayor.

“I’m certain Trump will screw up enough that by the fall of ’18, Hillary’s numbers will be way up again,” former Pennsylvania governor and DNC chair Ed Rendell told Politico.com.

For her part, Clinton, who sustained a resounding defeat in the 2016 presidential election, never misses a chance to criticize or mock President Donald Trump.

“3-0,” Hillary tweeted last Thursday, in an apparent reference to the ruling by the San Francisco-based 9th Circuit Court of Appeals to uphold Judge James Robart’s decision to suspend Trump’s executive order on immigration.

“The score appeared to allude to the unanimous 3-0 decision handed down by the appeals court,” Daniel Halper of New York Post remarked Friday.

However, it seems that Clinton’s past could get in the way of her return to big politics.

Alleged Fraud: It’s too Big to Remain Swept Under the Rug

Charles K. Ortel, a US writer and Wall Street investor analyst, who uncovered General Electric stock being overvalued before market crash in 2008, highlights that the story of The Clinton Foundation’s financial manipulation is too big to remain swept under the rug.

Presenting a scrupulous analysis of the Foundation’s financial activities on his website, the analyst calls attention to the fact that since the late 1990s the Clinton Foundation has de facto capitalized on the most burning humanitarian issues, by collecting millions of dollars and providing little if any information on how the money was actually spent.

“Since 23 October 1997, when the Clinton Foundation was organized, public filings suggest that approximately $2 billion may have been received in the form of contributions and grants,” Ortel told Sputnik.

“That said, there has never been a validly performed and legally compliant independent audit of any part of the Clinton Foundation for any period (part or full year) of operation. This means that no outsider has ever been able to ensure that all incoming donations landed in Clinton Foundation bank accounts. Given their loose (I might argue non-existent) financial controls, the international spread of their operations, and extreme volatility in foreign exchange rates, the potential for monies to leak out (diverted revenues, fake expenses) is substantial,” the analyst stressed.

“For example, the largest Clinton Foundation donor, a multilateral entity based in Switzerland called UNITAID claims that it sent around $650 million towards the Clinton Foundation starting late in 2006. Year-by year, close review of UNITAID claims made concerning their donations differ significantly with reports issued for similar years by the Clinton Foundation,” Ortel elaborated.

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