Cannibals – GMO Crops – Useless Eaters – prepper survival news (Video)

Cannibals – GMO Crops – Useless Eaters – prepper survival news Video

Trump just asked Russia to return Crimea to the Ukraine, won’t end the sanctions (what a joke, Europes economy has to suffer from that, USA still buying rocket engines from Russia because they can’t build any without von Braun).
I immediately asked Trump to return Texas, among others, to Mexico and the other states to the native Americans. I prolonged and extended the sanctions against the USA, no more buying American products, and am now waiting for mail from Russia, that’s where I buy stuff.
Feel honored, won’t unsub you, though it’s clearly an American channel on American googletube. 😉 Keep up your great work.

Man, it’s a crazy world.

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