This Game-Changing Technology Is About to Explode

This Game-Changing Technology Is About to Explode

Editor’s note: Today, we have a special essay from Palm Beach Letter editor Teeka Tiwari on the next revolutionary technology that’s flying under the radar right now. As Teeka explains, this is going to be a true game changer—and now is the time to get in. Read on to learn how…

They thought I was nuts…

It was 2003. I was moving from my retail money-management business to managing an exclusive hedge fund.

My parting gift to my retail clients was Apple (AAPL). But not everybody was on board.

When I told them about Apple, they thought I was crazy…

Many of my clients were skeptical. I understood why.

At that time, Apple was trading at the same price it had been in 1982. The stock price had done nothing in 21 years.

But I knew Apple had a new technology in the pipeline…

It was the iPod.

Up until then, you could only use the iPod on an Apple Mac. In 2002, Apple announced that it was finally rolling out a PC version.

This was a huge shift…

All of a sudden, the hottest music player in the world would be available to the biggest pool of technology buyers in the world. This was a no-brainer investment.

Why didn’t everyone jump on it?

The reason is simple: Apple was deeply misunderstood.

People saw the iPod as a niche product.

I saw the iPod as the next generation’s Walkman(The Walkman was a personal cassette player made by Sony. It dominated the 1980s.)

The clients who believed in me had the chance to make a small mint.

Over the next decade, a $10,000 investment would have ballooned to nearly a half-million dollars.

The iPod was once a disruptive technology. It almost single-handedly killed off the compact disc (CD).

It was one of those rare opportunities to make a fortune on a truly groundbreaking idea.

My friends, I don’t recount this story to brag… I want to show you why it’s so important to get into a revolutionary idea as early as possible.

The results can be life-changing…

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