In Real Life, Sportsball Doesn’t Matter

In Real Life, Sportsball Doesn’t Matter by uncola

I received a text from my kid at college today that said:

Reading the morning the paper and see that since Jan 26, George Orwell’s 1984 book has become the # 1 best seller on Amazon due to Kellyanne Conway coining the term “Alternative Facts” which they say is Orwellian. I still remember doing an analysis on that book.  Crazy how it’s making a comeback.

Indeed.  It is definitely crazy how it is making a comeback

Anyone who doesn’t have their head inverted way up into their rectum knows that Kellyanne was referring to the bias of the mainstream corporate media and the facts they choose NOT to tell; which is a form of censorship. Fortunately, I no longer have to worry about this kid who, in high school, did start to drift a little toward the land of snowflakes.  It took a lot of effort to open the eyes of my young ones through the years, but today, they understand how a mere six corporations, and a little over 200 media executives, control 95% of all news and entertainment.

In truth, it is the bias of the mainstream media that is becoming increasingly Orwellian.

Consider the facts:  The financial elite globalists want a New World Order. They own the American media, the politicians, and most of the bureaucracy that comprises the U.S. Government. The globalists must collapse the entity known as the United States of America in order to build their new, one world system from the ashes and Trump stands in their way because he is a nationalist populist putting America first.

What we are witnessing now in the daily headlines is a battle between the globalists and the political left against the Trump Administration, his deplorable supporters, and the alternative media which has been labeled “fake news” by the globalist ghouls and their corporate media shills.  This is why both Trump and his close advisor, Steve Bannon, are publicly calling the mainstream media the “opposition party”.

The battles being fought by Trump and his advisors, including Kellyanne Conway and Steve Bannon, the Deplorables, and the vanguards of liberty in the digital Fifth Estate, are actually part of a larger war; a struggle against political correctness, which is nothing more than “thought control” as delineated in Orwell’s 1984.

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