“Assassinate Donald Trump” Threats Are Flooding Social Media As Inauguration Is Only Hours Away (Video)

“Assassinate Donald Trump” Threats Are Flooding Social Media As Inauguration Is Only Hours Away Video

TDC Note – These are federal felony hate crimes including threats of assassination of the President. Where is the Secret Service, NSA, DHS,CIA, FBI and all the other spy agency alphabet soup that is stealing our digital footprint – please arrest these people. Even you, NSA,DHS and other failed agencies surely can find these people through their digital footprint – if you’re having a hard time, please contact Edward Snowden as I feel confident he would be able help you.

Can you imagine what would happen if these were threats against obomba? my, my, my what a double-standard.


Threats to assassinate President-Elect Donald Trump are flooding Twitter (again) and the liberal leadership, including CEO Jack Dorsey allows them to continue.

These scum are in for a rude awakening once the Trump administration takes power, because this kind of nonsense will no longer be tolerated.

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