Could Trump’s Border Tax Ignite CHAOS in the US Silver Market?

Could Trump’s Border Tax Ignite CHAOS in the US Silver Market?

Doc & Dubin Are Back in the Saddle Breaking Down the Big PM Rally to Start 2017.
Doc Presents A Potential Black Swan For Silver Entirely Off the Radar:
Could Donald Trump’s Border Tax Plan Unleash Absolute CHAOS in the US Silver Market?  

Final 2016 Silver Eagle Sales came in at 37,701,500 from the US Mint. 

The Mint released the first 2017 coins Wednesday, announcing 3,747,500 2017 Silver Eagles sold on the first day of sales. 

2017 Gold Eagle Coin sales were also strong, with 79,500 oz sold. 

Look for bullion sales to remain strong particularly if gold and silver are able to put in a few more weeks of consecutive gains bringing positive energy back to the sector that was decimated in the 2nd half of 2016. 

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