Last Minute Prepper: How to Survive a Disaster when you Failed to Prepare

Last Minute Prepper: How to Survive a Disaster when you Failed to Prepare

Because I work so hard to help people prepare, I need to start this article off with a huge disclaimer. Waiting until the last minute, or waiting until a disaster strikes is probably the stupidest thing you can do. Depending on the severity of the disaster it could get you and the ones you love killed.

I thought long and hard about writing this article; in fact, it was one of the early concepts for my book (the publisher suggested it). Looking back, I’m glad I choose to ax it and go with the Ultimate Situational Survival Guide. But having run this site for over eight years now, I know the reality of prepping; most people, even those who claim to be prepared, don’t take their preparedness planning very seriously. And no matter how many articles I write about preparedness, a majority of people – even many of those reading this article – are going to wait until the final moments to do anything about it.

Last Minute Preparedness: What to Do Right Before a Disaster Hits!

Do Not Panic

While disasters like industrial accidents, earthquakes, and terror attacks are hard to predict, many disasters tend to come with at least a little bit of warning. Things like hurricanes, winter storms, and even wars or social unrest usually will come with some sort of warning associated with the crisis.

If you know you are about to face an emergency situation, you need to act quickly. Most of the country is ill-prepared for even small-scale disasters and will be panicking once the crisis hits. That’s going to make last minute prepping dangerous and could make the act of stocking up on these last minute supplies even more hazardous than the actual coming disaster.

Here’s what you need to do.

Your first priority is delegating duties to everyone in your home or group. This isn’t a one-man challenge; the more hands that you can have on deck, the easier it will be to get ahead of the danger.

Immediately start filling any containers you can find with water. Depending on the disaster, municipal water supplies can become compromised relatively quickly, making even the water coming out of your faucet unsafe to drink. If you have an WaterBOB fill it immediatly, or fil every container you can find and seal it with plastic wrap.

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