Why the CIA, Dems and Deep State Hate Trump (Video)

Why the CIA, Dems and Deep State Hate Trump Video

Glenn Greenwald on the CIA & Dems vs Trump
Good Morning, I’m still reporting on the invasion.

Last night on Fox, Tucker Carlson interviewed Glenn Greenwald on his recent story in The Intercept entitled The Deep State Goes to War with President-Elect, Using Unverified Claims, as Democrats Cheer.

Greenwald charged that the recent un-sourced allegations about Donald Trump in Russia is the work of the American intelligence community. Greenwald goes on to state that the Democrats are now desperately supporting any negative dirt on Trump – including unsourced commercially contrived – and flat out fake news – designed to weaken Trump as much as possible before he becomes president.

The reason is obvious; once inaugurated, Trump’s cabinet appointees will move swiftly to clean out the intelligence community of folks who have been abusing their power by having their security clearances pulled, thus ending their careers all together. And rightly so.

Remember this guy, Dan Gabriel. He was the self-proclaimed ex-CIA operative who worked for Sen. Ted Cruz and engineered the Cruz “win” in the Iowa primary by circulating the false rumor on caucus night that Dr. Ben Carson had dropped out of the race and was throwing his support to Cruz?

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Let’s face it, every major nation does what it can to support candidates that will be supportive of their nation post-election. That’s been a fact of spying throughout all of human history. However, when a nation’s intelligence agents turn on the president – or, in this case, the president-elect – that is not only clearly illegal, ii may be treasonous as well.

That’s why Trump must clean house and the bad guys know it. Therefor they are extending their election fight in support of Hillary Clinton – right up to the minute President Trump is sworn in on the steps of the U.S. Capitol one week from today at high noon.

Other writers have called this deep state battle royale for power in United States as essentially a coup d’état attempt – a battle that President Donald Trump is destined to win.

Incidentally, Glen Greenwald was the primary reporter responsible for publishing the revelations of whistleblower Edward Snowden on the depth of NSA spying on American citizens.

But I think this goes beyond a battle over Syrian policy.

The sordid truth is that President Obama appointed several of his intelligence chiefs who were recent converts to a certain group that is responsible for what I have dubbed “the invasion”.

Could it be that these intel chiefs are playing a giant game of distraction – trying to get America to focus on Russia as our next-warlike enemy, instead of continuing the focus on the battle against the invasion forces which American’s foreign and defense policy has been focused on for the last 15 years?

That invasion is in full bloom in all of Europe right now.

Only an alliance of any two of the big 3 world superpowers – the U.S., Russia, and China have any shot at successfully defeating this invasion long-term.

However, China has their own stand-alone global dominance aspirations and therefore is probably the least likely of the three to ally-up in a serious, reliable way.

Could it be that those opposed to Trump in the U.S. intel community are really playing a longer-term game – trying to drive a wedge between the U.S. and Russia – the only two powers who could – if allied together – effectively oppose this worldwide invasion?

So, is there a 4th power in this game – one which exerts a subtle but powerful control over the media, the economy, and thereby the politics of virtually all nation states? How? By enslaving them in debt.

Here’s a closing fast-fact: 47% of our national debt that has been run up in the history of America has been run up in the last 8 years.
I’m still reporting from Washington. Good day.

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