1 Simple Reason Trump Cannot Save You (Video)

1 Simple Reason Trump Cannot Save You Video

The Rothschilds and Rockefellers would be powerless if others did not follow their orders. That flow of power goes all the way down to the very people who actually make all of the TYRANNY possible >>> the Police and Military!

The Order Follower ALWAYS bares more Moral Culpability than the Order-Giver, because the Order Follower is the one who actually performs the action, and in taking such action, it actually brings the resultant harm into physical manifestation. Order Following is the Pathway to EVERY form of Evil, Tyranny and Chaos in the world! It should NEVER be seen as a virtue by anyone who considers themselves a Moral Human Being. Order Followers have ultimately been personally responsible and Morally Culpable for EVERY form of Slavery and EVERY single Totalitarian Regime that has EVER existed on Planet Earth!

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Chris Duane

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