George Washington Was A Domestic Terrorist? (Video)

George Washington Was A Domestic Terrorist? Video

TDC Note – Orwell and Bernays would be proud. The current regime of oligarchs are transforming history and painting a picture of hatred. These psychopaths and sociopaths are doing their level best to ruin everything that was once good about this nation. These criminals, unfortunately, are going to win the day. Our history will continue to be destroyed, our society will continue to be stripped of it’s heritage and our citizens will be further enslaved by a small handful of truly evil people.

If you think for a minute the independent media will be around much longer you really need to watch more of Mark Dice’s videos – the videos where he is asking basic questions to people on the street. Twitter is not language, Facebook is not history or society and google is not a place to find answers – unless, of course, you wish to be further indoctrinated into the new paradigm.

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