Facebook Death: FB Fast To Protect Terrorists And Censor Truth, But Cannot Manage To Stop A 20 Minute Live Stream Of A 12 Year Old Committing Suicide For The World To See

Facebook Death: FB Fast To Protect Terrorists And Censor Truth, But Cannot Manage To Stop A 20 Minute Live Stream Of A 12 Year Old Committing Suicide For The World To See
(RIP – Kathleen Nicole Davis, 2004 – 2016)

By Susan Duclos

Facebook does not have a “fake news” problem, they have a “real news” issue, highlighted in gruesome detail after a 12 year old child posted a Facebook Live event of her own suicide, in one of the latest examples of how Mark Zuckerberg is more worried about censoring “political” news because it may “offend” someone or some globalist leader, and making money, than he is about protecting his users.

In August 2015, Facebook Live was initially offered to verified VIP’s so they could offer live video streams to their followers. By April 2016, Zuckerberg announced Facebook Live would be offered to everyone, stating “Live is like having a TV camera in your pocket. Anyone with a phone now has the power to broadcast to anyone in the world. When you interact live, you feel connected in a more personal way. This is a big shift in how we communicate, and it’s going to create new opportunities for people to come together.”

On the Facebook Live page, they offer some of their favorite videos, including one from Jane Goodall under science and tech, Martha Stewart for food, Bart Baker for funny, Denver Broncos for sports, the now discredited Buzzfeed under entertainment, and others, but what they don’t show, is the darker, deadly uses Facebook Live has been used for since they made it available to “everyone.”


Since Zuckerbergs announcement that Facebook Live was being offered to everyone, we have seen examples of the type of content that Facebook has allowed to be shown to users, including a 12 year old girl streaming her own suicide by hanging after saying she was sexually abused by a relative.

Four black thugs were allowed to live stream their torture of a kidnapped disabled white male for 30 minutes, while he was bound and gagged.

A white woman was charged with a hate crime after posting a live video on Facebook that prosecutors say shows her tailing a Hispanic woman in her car, railing against the other driver for being “Spanish privileged” and threatening to ram her vehicle.

A man shoots himself dead, after failing with the first attempt, after a breakup with his girlfriend, with Facebook users pleading with him to stop, saying “No one believed when I said I will kill myself – so watch this.”

Extremely dangerous’ murder suspect uses Facebook Live while fleeing police, gunning down two family members and injuring two Oklahoma police officers.

Mother beats her daughter live on Facebook.

Need I go on or are we beginning to see a problem with how Facebook Live is being used? How did a torture video managed to stay up for 30 minutes? How did a young girl’s suicide video manage to stream for 20 minutes and now, since others captured it, has gone viral being mirrored all over the web with police saying they cannot stop it?

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Note each of those videos are from after June 2016, which is important because in June, Quartz Media reported that after French ISIL sympathizer Larossi Abballa turned to Facebook Live after murdering a police officer and his partner in Magnanville, France, Facebook told Quartz they were going to decrease their reliance on user feedback and expand the team that reviews live content around the clock, stating “We do understand and recognize that there are unique challenges when it comes to content and safety for Live videos.”

They continued on to say in their statement “It’s a serious responsibility, and we work hard to strike the right balance between enabling expression while providing a safe and respectful experience. We’re deeply committed to improving the effectiveness of how we handle reports of live content that violates our Community Standards.”

Each of the examples I showed above the video occurred after they became “deeply committed,” to improving the effectiveness of how they handle reports.



Facebook has absolutely no problem immediately “auto-reporting” innocent content, or censoring any political content they do not agree with, more worried about suppressing conservative views, or purging conservative pages, or developing a censorship tool in order to re-enter the Chinese market, or censoring posts in Thailand because the government deems them “unsuitable.

Facebook has also been reported for removing the truth about Islamic crime, specifically a murder reported on by Michael Savage, or imposing a “temporary restriction” on Dinesh D’Souza’s Hillary’s America page, just two days before the Democratic National Convention was to begin.

One of the most ironic examples from 2016, which all of the above are from, is when Facebook censored a post by a conservative for daring point out that Facebook was censoring conservatives, claiming it didn’t follow “Facebook Community Standards,” with a message saying she was blocked from posting for 30 days.

Here was the original post that was removed by Facebook, below that the notice about being blocked:

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