Andy Hoffman – THE DEATH OF “TRUMP-FLATION” (Podcast)

Andy Hoffman – THE DEATH OF “TRUMP-FLATION” Podcast

Lies, propaganda and CNN. The liberals are completely out of their minds – basic universal income coming soon.

Will Obamacare be repealed and replaced? If it simply repealed I would be happy. Skyrocketing premiums and deductibles have forced me and my family to make some tough choices. We never signed up for the “unaffordable care act” hand-out, but the facts remain the same – if you have health insurance in the U.S. your premiums have been impacted by this backdoor insurance industry bail-in, I mean disastrous policy.

Debt, savings collapse and Trump

Economic collapse continues – the greater depression is coming into full view by anyone that is paying attention. The rigged statistics, markets and most all economic data is struggling to cover up the blatant lies and reality of our current, global, economic situation.

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