Trump will be assassinated! – Dr. Paul Craig Roberts on Trump, Putin & Hacking (Video)

Trump will be assassinated! – Dr. Paul Craig Roberts on Trump, Putin & Hacking Video

Dr. Paul Craig Roberts states clearly and repeatedly that if they can’t stop him becoming president they’ll kill Trump just as they did with John Kennedy, Abraham Lincoln, James A. Garfield and William McKinley. Former Assistant Treasury Secretary under Ronald Reagan, Paul Craig Roberts, explains the attempted Electoral College coup on Trump, and the differences between the last Cold War and the new one.

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We the People who are the only AUTHORITY now are aware of this SATANIC CULT ET AL , back in the 1960 the People, were so asleep, but the alarm clock has sounded NOW they are all being taken down one EVIL ENTITY at a time! You say they had time, well so have we, and we’re not going to take their CRAP ANYMORE! ALL THOSE WITH UNCLEAN HANDS SHALL PARISH! SO IT IS!

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