Update On India’s War On Cash From Jayant Bhandari (Video)

Update On India’s War On Cash From Jayant Bhandari Video

If you want to understand what is happening with the India going cashless and the enormous problems, this is a must listen. Poor planning, poor execution and a poor economy, the government is, literally, making it as they go along. Rolling out 70 different policy changes in 55 days does not make for a stable situation.

With almost 1 billion people, of 1.3 billion people not having an internet connection how can a country create an electronic, digitized cashless society? The backlash is instantaneous and filled with physical gold. If the people of India are allowed to hold as much physical gold as they wish, odds are the country, especially away from prying eyes, will conduct trade in gold, silver and barter. What choice will they have when they do not have the ways and means to conduct business in other manner?

Got physical?

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