According to the Washington Post, Today, President-elect Donald J. Trump shocked the scientific community by naming a pair of Nibiru whistle-blowers to the United States President’s Council of Advisors on Science and Technology (PCAST). He handpicked Dr. Ronald Shimschuck and Dr. Ethan Trowbridge as co-chairs of PCAST.

Dr. Shimschuck’s credentials are unimpeachable; a former MIT graduate and NASA scientist, Dr. Shimschuck sacrificed his career and safety to warn the world about Nibiru, said to be a brown dwarf star and seven companion planets on a near collision course with Earth. He gnogo3hhas survived numerous attempted assassinations and abductions by unsavory persons eager to silence him. In May, during a highly anticipated interview with truth seeker Steve Olson, two men with Armenian accents barged into Dr. Shimschuck’s Tiblisi safe house and shot him with a tranquilizer dart. He barely escaped with his life. To this day, he is reluctant about discussing the details of the incident, but admits to being offered large amounts of cash in exchange for “forgetting” about Nibiru.

Dr. Ethan Trowbridge has impeccable credentials. He graduated from the University of Iowa with a Masters in Climatological Sciences. He was formerly employed by the USGS, where he learned about the Nibiru reality and its cover-up. He asserts that Hillary Clinton and Barrack Obama are directly responsible for perpetuating the cover-up.

Their appointments sharply contrast Trump’s hawkish cabinet picks, a move that has confounded mainstream academia. These choices alarmed the scientific community, defying predictions that Trump would pick conservative scientific voices instead of a pair of disenfranchised outliers whose views have been repudiated by colleagues across the world.

Dr. Shimschuck, however, is confident in Trump’s decision.

“This better, much better,” said Dr. Shimschuck. “Ethan and I knew Trump would make the right decision. It’s been well established that he believes in Nibiru’s existence.

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