Trump to Fire Janet Yellen; Rates to Rise – Mike Swanson (Video)

Trump to Fire Janet Yellen; Rates to Rise – Mike Swanson Video

Mike knows his stuff on geopolitics in relation to the stock market. In this interview he goes over some predictions for the Trump Presidency including federal reserve rates and the resource sector including Gold & Silver prices. We hope to have him on after inauguration for an update on these predictions. With Trump to potentially lower taxes and renegotiate US Debt, there’s even more potential upside in the stock market!

00:30 Junior Mining Shares: Bull Resurgance Coming?
03:30 Benefitting from Trump Win in Stocks etc.
08:30 FED Rate Predictions: 1st a Slow Rise in 2017
09:30 Can Trump refinance the US National Debt?
14:30 Gold Price Rise with Interest Rates? Analysis
17:15 Other Resources: Uranium, Zinc, Cobalt

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