Surviving Retirement with Lior Gantz

Surviving Retirement with Lior Gantz

When Social Security was born the ratio of payers to receivers was approximately 8.5 to 1, meaning for every one person receiving benefits there were 8.5 people working and paying into the system. Today that has dried up and the ratio is just under 3 to 1. This is a massive problem that is deteriorating at maximum speed, especially with centurions being the fasting growing demographic in the United States. The wonders of technology, lifestyle and better health ensure we will be living longer than any other time in history.

Here it what has happened with Social Security since its 1955

chart source –

That’s doesn’t seem sustainable, especially when shifting funds around, as the federal government tends to do. If you look at this chart you can see Social Security has been surviving with just over 3 to 1 ratio, which tells me, Social Security scheme has been in trouble for decades.

It is my responsibility to ensure that I do my part to provide for my family and not be dependent upon outside sources. One of the reasons The Daily Coin manifested was just for this reason. Being dependent upon a company, the government or family to provide for me and my family doesn’t work for me, and you should be considering alternatives as well. If I am going to be here for another 20-30 years it can unfold in one of two ways – either by my ideas and effort or someone else’s. For me the choice is obvious, that doesn’t make it, necessarily, the easiest solution.

What choices do we have; how can we better care for our families and ensure we are not homeless, without the comforts we have work so hard to acquire or with someone caring for us?

I think it’s dangerous for retirees to fully retire at this day and age. I believe people should stay productive in some sort of capacity by investing in private businesses, by having a rich diversification of assets. Retiring altogether is just going to get harder and harder. Lior Gantz, The Daily Coin

Lior Gantz, Wealth Research Group, has some ideas that will help each of us. Lior has been working on a variety of alternatives specifically for people that have retired or are approaching retirement. We review some of the ideas Lior has put together to help guide us through what could be a stressful thought process and stressful action plan.

If you combine these ideas with some of the other ideas we, at The Daily Coin, have discussed in the past it should make life a lot easier and keep most, if not all, of your wealth protected and growing. Anyone that is planning on Social Security as their sole source of income for their retirement is placing themselves and their family in harms way.


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