If Electoral College Blocks Trump, Expect War on Streets – Doug Casey (Video)

If Electoral College Blocks Trump, Expect War on Streets – Doug Casey Video

Today we have the most famous speculator with advice we couldn’t urge you more to take heed. He’s predicting a gold market rally and bond crash coming under Trump’s presidency. Doug Casey literally wrote the book on Crisis Investing many decades ago and is the most experienced veteran in the space. He discusses the meainstream media propaganda, metals prices, and potential Civil War in America in this interview; a must listen!

01:20 What to make of this Correction in Gold Market?
03:00 Will we see a broad commodites market rise?
04:00 Trump to rebuild America’s infrastructure
05:00 Will Uranium finally see a comeback? Solar
06:40 Advanced Gold Project Investment with Amir Adnani
08:30 Bond Market: Potential Spark of Gold Rally?
09:30 Interest rates Need to go Up
10:15 Fake News Narrative Mainstream Media Propaganda
11:10 Mainstream Media just Part of the Deep State
11:30 US On edge of Civil War thanks to Media
12:00 If Electoral College Blocks Trump, Expect War on Streets
12:40 Doug’s new Book ‘Speculator’ the Series
14:30 Is Government Manipulating Metal Prices Down?

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