Dave Hodges: Globalist Agenda Exposed

Dave Hodges: Globalist Agenda Exposed Video/Podcast

In 2016 we have seen several of pieces to the puzzle Obama has been working on since he first occupied the White House. In 2008, the Obama regime ran on a platform of “hope and change” and explained, all throughout his campaign his would be the most transparent Administration to occupy the White House ever. Well, most all of those promises were the first lies from the Obama regime. He delivered on the change and has striped a lot of people of any hope that remained as our nation was entering into the take over by the banking cabal. The Obama administration has been so transparent the members of CONgress that were assigned to review the TPP and TTIP trade agreements were made to sign a “blackout agreement” – meaning they agreed to keep the details of the trade agreements secret from the American people. How’s that for transparency?

People across the globe are beginning to unite against regimes, like the Obama regime, the Cameron regime in Great Britain, as well as people in France, Italy and several other European nation states coming together to take back their country. The question remains, how will the people in power respond?

What we have witnessed in the U.S. is a series of bills, acts and Executive Orders being passed against the people. Obama has lied to the American people on a number of occasions regarding our rights and liberties as guaranteed by the Bill of Rights and Constitution. Simply look at how you are treated as you enter into a football stadium or arena for a show. Why do accept being treated like criminals because we want to have a good time and enjoy an event? This is to say nothing of the treatment we now receive when we want to board a plane.

I sat down with Dave Hodges, The Common Sense Show, to review what is taking place right now. President-Elect Trump is loved and hated by millions of people around the country and around the world. Since the election we have seen how the Democrats, namely hillary, lied on live TV during the debates. hillary made a gigantic deal when Trump refused to say that he would accept the results of the vote. Now we see hillary and the Democrats doing and saying everything they can to stop Trump from taking office on January 20, 2017.

Jill Stein, a Green Party candidate during the elections, seems to have changed her stripes and morphed into a Democrat sometime during the second half of November. Ms. Stein instigated a #2016Recount, that has failed in all three states where she attempted to help hillary. Now with this failure coming to an end, hillary and the mainstream media, along with the Obama regime, have attempted to tell the American people the “Russians did it”. Claiming the Russians, including Russian President Vladimir Putin, were involved in hacking the voting machines in favor of Trump. Nothing could be further from the truth. Since this is not working, as it nothing but more lies and deceit coming from the clinton crime family, the mainstream media has been recruited to tell the American people that internet news services, like The Daily Coin and The Common Sense Show are “fake news” and the only real news comes from people like Brian Williams.

Next question – why are the Democrats, especially hillary, seemingly so desperate to occupy the White House?

In 2013 the Department of Homeland Security, DHS, (homeland is Nazi term dubbed by Hitler) ordered over 1 billion rounds of hollow point bullets, as well as 2,700 MRAPs and guns. The volume of bullets ordered by the DHS has been calculated to be enough ammunition for 35 year war. Who is the DHS going to war with? Has ware been declared against the American people? I was under the impression the DHS was to protect the American people, not order military equipment to use against them.

What about the paper targets with pregnant mothers, senior citizens and children? The DHS uses these to ready themselves for their 35 year war.

You can call me theorist or whatever you like, but the evidence all seems to be pointing in a particular direction. You are more than welcome to sit there and believe the government is going to protect you and not harm you. If that’s the case please explain the ammo, military grade vehicles and weapons and the various laws and Executive Orders that has been signed against us. Remember, laws are not passed “just because” laws are passed with the intent of using them, at least once.

“Remember during Obama’s first campaign, “we need a national security force just as strong, just as well funded as our military.”  Dave Hodges, The Daily Coin

Dave provides an in-depth analysis of what is going on and details the issues raised above and so much more. This interview is a little longer than I usually like to bring to the table, but the information is very compelling and well worth your time.

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