Surviving ObamaCare’s Crippling Costs: “Become Your Own Primary Healthcare Provider”

Surviving ObamaCare’s Crippling Costs: “Become Your Own Primary Healthcare Provider” by Mac Slavo for SHTFPlan

TDC Note – My private insurances’ premium and deductible have risen to the point of becoming 100% unaffordable. The policy that I have maintained the past 18 months was obamacare compliant. I found “traditional” insurance, outside of obamacare – we have to pay the tax, I mean penalty, to use insurance outside of obamacare. The deductible is far less and even with the additional taxes the premium will be almost 25% less than what a compliant, private insurance policy was going to cost. Please check with your insurance company to find out if they offer “traditional” underwritten insurance. I thought it was all gone, it is not. obamacare is a sham and a scam.

This, combined with taking my health into my own hands and developing “The Daily Cocktail” my health improves every single day. I have been working on a smoothie recipe for almost 8 months. The ingredients list have changed – click here for the original – and the entire process has changed. I will be publishing the updated version, hopefully, by the end of January 2017. Words can not describe the impact this smoothie is having on my overall health.


Are you prepared to survive… the age of socialized medicine? Health care coverage shouldn’t be life threatening, but…

Unfortunately, the skyrocketing cost of health care coverage under Obamacare is forcing millions of middle class families to do without coverage, while being forced to pay the tax penalty. To do anything else is simply unaffordable.

This is a nightmare, and incredibly unfair to American families – and yet, it is now the state of the nation. This is the crushing status quo.

Prepare for the dark times ahead – and empower yourself to keep you and yours healthy and thriving. This is something your doctor, your E.R. and your government can’t and won’t do for you.

As time goes on, health care will continue to deteriorate, yet become increasingly more expensive, less available, and with more red tape than ever. This is just not a tenable situation.

If inadequate hospital and doctor visits can cost thousands, and perhaps fail to even address the problem, hard hit and struggling Americans are going to have to turn towards each other in order to maintain good health.

According to the Patriot Nurse, in this difficult situation:

“You will have to invest in yourself, and become, de facto, your own frontline healthcare provider.”

“You are going to have to know how to assess someone who is sick among your friends and family… the burden of healthcare will be put on you, asymmetrially”

That means paying to take courses and training in first aid, CPR and basic medical – or advance your skills beyond that.

It may be wise to designate one person in your family or group to take on this role, if there are no doctors, nurses or paramedics among you.

In addition to 101 medical techniques, it would be very valuable to become learned in herbal remedies, folk medicine and other old fashioned remedies that have worked for thousands of years. If these relatively inexpensive treatments work, then you can avoid costly trips to the doctor. Eating right, exercising and maintaining good health can prevent diseases and delay problems for many years, and is well worth any effort put in.

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How has healthcare changed and what is it going to look like over the next few years? What can you do to protect yourself and your family from rising costs and declining quality of care?

Besides the outright theft and fraud inherent in the socialist system, this medical scheme is setting up the nation’s population to be chronically sick, heavily medicated, vaccinated, sedated and pumped full of chemicals and government propaganda.

As already chronically ill and obese people, many of whom are in the lower economic bracket, sign up for Obamacare – subsidized by taxpayers in many cases – the cost of providing health care soars, and treatment quality declines.

This is a downward spiral.

As frightening as it is, it is best to see it from a sober perspective, and prepare your sphere to take care of most of its own problems – medical and healthcare wise, and in many other respects.

Whatever it might cost will come back to you many fold when you need care that you can’t otherwise afford. With the right training and preparations, you might be able to alleviate minor problems or even save the life of a loved one.

Of course, it is still important to know where to go if you need a hospital, an ambulance or a specialist doctor.

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