Silver Still Up for 2016 after FED Rate Hike – David Morgan (Video)

Silver Still Up for 2016 after FED Rate Hike – David Morgan Video

With so much action in gold & silver, unfortunately to the downside, we had to get back the biggest expert on their price that we know (well him and Andy Hoffman). Just this week the Federal Reserve raised rates like they did December last year and in the short term the metals are contracting. David’s predicting a end of january time for the next wave up in the rally to commence.

01:00 Gold & Silver Crash after FED Rate Hike
03:45 This is a normal Shakeout part of Bull Market
07:00 David predicted this fall near the end of year
08:15 Flow of Capital flooding to Mining Companies
10:30 Big technology adavancement exciting David
14:00 Owning the Metal and the stocks philosophy
18:20 How Trump Presidency will Fair Gold & Silver
21:00 Learn & Join The Morgan Report: Metals Updates
24:30 Being Happy & Not Obsessed with Money

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