Silver & Gold: We’re on the Edge of Major Growth – Greg Crowe

Silver & Gold: We’re on the Edge of Major Growth – Greg Crowe

With trump. seemingly now in office and making moves to create a stronger economy, do you see his presidency as being positive for the precious metals or what’s you view of how trump will impact the precious and base metals – if all the infrastructure spending President-elect Trump has discussed, this should be very positive for base metals, like copper, zinc, just across the board for base metals – thoughts on trump and the precious metals and base metals?

We can now say, 100% proof positive, the precious metals markets are rigged, as proven on two different occasions by Deutsche Bank in a court of law. These too big to fail banks have committed crimes that fall under U.S. Federal RICO laws, the same laws developed to bring Al Capone to justice. How do you see these crimes being handled by the U.S. Federal Government?

Silver is having a very positive year – at the beginning of the year silver was just over $14 at $14.08 and topped out above $19 and is currently mid $16. what do you see in the year ahead for silver given the back drop of the fed raising interest rates and terrible globally economy?

Silver One has three silver projects in Mexico.These projects were acquired from Keith Neumeyer’s First Mining Finance Corporation and Mr. Nuemeyer is one of the investors in these projects – which, to me, speaks in volume about these projects. I understand that at least one of these projects has 10 million or more ounces of silver – Mr. Crowe, please give us an update on the three silver projects you oversee in Mexico.

Speaking of the fed raising interest rates – at the end of 2015 the fed announced 4 interest rate hikes in 2016 – they quickly backed off to just 2 – we had one the exact same time as last year. the fed announced on wednesday there would be 3 interest rate hikes in 2017 and moving towards “normalizing rates”. have you ever heard such hog-wash and in light of the global economy doing so poorly is the fed still in fantasy land or is it possible that we could see interest rates over 1% in 2017? Personally, I don’t think so as the interest payments of the federal governments debt would see more than a 4 fold increase just on the interest payment.

now that india has eliminated the largest bank notes in circulation and Venezuela doing the same, what role would you see precious metals playing in a cashless society – Do you see – none, as it does today, black market gong full steam or what role will the metals play as more countries ban the use of physical cash?


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