Misguided Support for PropOrNot Seems to Include Koch Brothers, CIA, Parts of Congress

Misguided Support for PropOrNot Seems to Include Koch Brothers, CIA, Parts of Congress

Congressional Query Into Russian Meddling Could Revive Bipartisan Oversight On Washington … Senator John McCain, Republican of Arizona, has said he would conduct an investigation into Russian interference with the election within the Armed Services Committee, of which he is chairman. –New York Times

The CIA. The Koch Brothers and parts of Congress seem to support PropOrNot’s  extensive list of 200-plus alternative-news websites that supposedly have disseminated Russian propaganda. According to this article, above, anti-alternative news fervor in Congress could serve to bind together the parties in a common cause.

In fact, this alliance is already broader than Congress. We recently published an article, here speculating on the involvement of powerful media manipulators and owners including the Koch Brothers and the Scaife Foundation. The Koch’s were publicly anti-Trump and reportedly tried to infiltrate Trump’s campaign in order to influence its direction.

It is certainly possible that the Koch’s helped organize PropOrNot and its list of alternative media websites, many of whom were at least to some degree supportive of Trump. But other support is becoming clearer as well, including support from  the CIA and, as mentioned above, growing bipartisan Congressional approval.

Congress seems divided about Russian involvement in manipulating US elections but in the span of several days, support has been at least clarified. The House of Representatives has passed a bill calling for considerable funding of a special government agency to investigate Russian involvement in American elections and who in the US might have facilitated that involvement.

The Senate meanwhile passed a bill supporting additional government funding to investigate how Russian influence had been brought to bear on US elections.

Mitch McConnell, GOP Senate leader, has now made public statements endorsing investigations into Russian influence on American elections. We previously wrote hereabout McConnell’s resistance to this supposition and how criminal threats were starting to be made against him. On Monday he changed his mind.

What’s going on in Washington is obviously “hard ball.” All the harder because Russian influence on US elections – and hacking – cannot be proven without a reasonable doubt. Thus there is plenty of dissension over congressional moves and also over whether or not the Russians actually interfered in US elections, let alone made a Trump victory possible.

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