I thought I’d never write about current events at Free-Man’s Perspective. My interests lie in human development, not in the daily crap-fights of politics. Recent events, however, have forced me to reconsider.

What finally changed my mind was a story that broke Friday evening in which the CIA claims Russia intervened in the US election, because Putin wanted Trump to win and Hillary to lose. The story was subsequently reported far and wide.

There are several serious problems with this story. First of all, it’s another in a well-promoted and international series of stories on “fake news.” Even the Pope has chimed in on this, using shocking (disgusting) terms. People with serious influence are behind these stories, and that’s unsettling.

Second, this was supposedly a “secret CIA report.” And that, my good reader, is simply BS. The only truly “leaked” reports come to us via Wikileaks, Anonymous, or underground groups of that sort. “CIA leaks” that come to you via the Washington Post are simply things the CIA wants you to see. You wanna bet there’s no whistleblower hiding in Russia over this one?

Let me put it this way: If the FBI and CIA don’t hunt down the person who divulged this “secret report,” it was an authorized release. You’re being misled on purpose.

Now, getting back to the story, let’s note that there is zero evidence given. Just “it was a secret report, trust us.” Not one of the “officials” is named.

It should also be noted that Julian Assange has flatly denied that Russia was the source of the leaks. And Assange, unlike 99% of all Washington, has a reputation for truth-telling.

There were earlier reports blaming Russia for the Wikileaks hacks, and they, likewise, provided zero evidence. They say things like “consistent with Russian methods,” implying, it would seem, that Russia has some kind of patent on hacking techniques. They expect us to believe that Putin’s crews run their hacks from Russian companies and Russian IP addresses.

Let me be clear on this: No actual Russian hacker would attack from a Russian address. Furthermore, Russian hackers have no exclusive methods that other hackers couldn’t use. Those who imply such things are counting on you being too ignorant to see through their BS and too blinded by authority to question them.

Where’s This Going?

This is what scares me. What we’re seeing is an elite class unable to complete their revolution. Brexit, Trump, Renzi’s Italian loss, and other events have turned the tide against mindless Western obedience. People no longer trust their “news outlets,” and average people are coming to realize that the elites are malignant. This is the actual reason for all the stories of “fake news.”

Perhaps the Washington Post’s new story was published to undermine Trump’s legitimacy, so he’s easier to dispose of as soon as he does something unpopular. Or perhaps the goal is to get very nasty and manipulate the electoral college, which meets December 19.

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