Silver: Pirates, Oligarchs and Freedom

Silver: Pirates, Oligarchs and Freedom by Rory – The Daily Coin

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Chris Duane is one of those people that has been promoting silver and the value of silver for many years. I dare say his propensity to offer a multitude of reasons for owning/possessing physical silver is second to none and well documented across a number of platforms.

Several years ago Mr. Duane decided to venture into creating silver medallions as he reviewed the market of private silver rounds and medallions he found there seemed to be a lack of Liberty, Freedom and various other human rights messages associated with silver. Chris has forever changed all this with his line of silver medallions known as the Silver Bullet Silver Shield collection that began production in September 2012.

The first medallion/coin produced was titled Debt and Death. The idea behind this coin was to remind the person observing the image the U.S. “dollar” is, not only a counterfeit and 100% illegal under U.S. Constitutional Law, it is an instrument of debt. The image also invokes a dark side of the U.S. “dollar” and the fact this instrument of debt is the source of funding for all U.S. wars since 1913. Without the power of the military backing the U.S. “dollar” it would not enjoy wide range use around the world. It is such an instrument of death that in March 2015 during an interview with Jeff Brown I actually dubbed it the “war dollar” for this very reason.

I spoke with Chris earlier today to insure that I was on the right track regarding the Debt and Death medallion. This was the first ever and I wanted to make sure that I conveyed his vision properly. Above is what I see when I look at the medallion/coin and here is Chris Duane’s original idea behind the image:

The 2012 Debt and Death was mock of what I consider the root cause of all of the world’s problems, the Rothschild’s Debt and Death.
This family is by far the most powerful and richest families on Earth.
They own the world’s privately owned Central Banks and since all the fiat money they produce is debt based, we owe them the world plus whatever [interest] rate they charge.

This line of coins comes with a great message that provokes thought by the holder of these coins. One can not simply look at these medallions and dismiss the image. The holder of these medallions is not holding an American Silver Eagle that has had the exact same image since 1986!

These medallions are very sought after and have steadily increased in value with an ever increasing group of collectors. The Daily Coin acquired the first four medallions produced by Silver Bullet Silver Shield and will continue to hold these coins and simply watch their value increase. As each medallion is produced the proceeding medallion is taken offline. Meaning each medallion has a different number of mintages. This further enhances the collector aspect of these medallions.

Here is a look at the first four medallions along with the original observe side and along with the 2016 edition of the observe.


As you can see each medallion is 100% different and offers extremely high quality images with superb detailing. Chris is now offering even more options to the coin collector as he is offering, basically, a new medallion/coin each week!! Chris shared this regarding his new offerings and how to learn more about them collector aspect of these medallions/coins.

Just this year alone I have released 60+ MicroMintage strikes to my private Silver Shield Group.

These medallions, with a built in collector base through only two outlets – Silver Shield Xchange and SDBullion – continually rising in value and collectors with a desire to add to their collection, these coins should be considered for any serious collector of silver. With low mintages, built in collector base and limited availability to the open market these medallions are sure to continue rising in value for a great many years. It is not uncommon to find some of these coins on eBay with an asking price in the hundreds of dollars.

Original Observe

2016 Observe

The next medallion/coin to be considered for your collection is the Elemental Privateer medallions. These are some of my favorite silver medallions on the market. Low mintage, beautiful artwork that is highly detailed and tells a story with each coin. These coins are produced using 2 ounces of silver instead of the standard 1 ounce. The diameter of the coin is approximately the same as an American Silver Eagle, which provides a nice big (big for a coin) surface to tell the story. Elemental creates these coins using 2 ounces of silver so they can produce what is known as “high relief”. With high relief coins the details within the image are greatly enhanced and the sculpture of the original coin can produce more elementals to create a more detailed story on each coin.

The Privateer line has hit the market with a bang and collectors are snapping them up as soon as they are released. The mintages are kept low and the market for these coins is growing rapidly. The premiums have already increased, in some cases as much as 25% but the average is around 15%, which isn’t bad considering the coins first hit the market in 2015.

The first medallion/coin produced was the pirate ship! When I first saw this medallion I was awe struck, and that was just a photo on the screen of my computer. When the coin arrived and I held it, I was once again awe struck at the beauty, the detail and the craftsmanship that went into producing this medallion. If you have not added one, or all, of this series to your collection, you are missing out. The mintage for the Pirate Ship medallion was halted at a mere 70,334. This is a very small number, but large enough to signal to the market there is great interest.

Let’s take a look at the Pirate Ship and the observe side (same on all coins in the series) of this coin.

Click image to enlarge

While the photos give you sense of their beauty, it is the same as with any photo/image – nothing like seeing it live, up-close and personal! The photo will never capture the true beauty any of these collector coins bring to the table.

The third coin, above, is the Pirate himself. Standing next to his cache of booty with sword in hand ready to defend to the death.

The obverse of the ultra high relief Elemetal 2 oz Privateer Silver Round carries the inscription “NO PREY NO PAY”, which is a piratical term meaning that unless a raid was successful at acquiring valuable commodities, the privateers would not receive a commission.

While these are not government minted coins, they have the potential to, not only hold their current collectors value, they have the potential to continue become more of a prize in someones private vault. All the coins, and several others from each series, are part of my collection. As more become available, I will continue to add them. Art that you can spend, money that is real and beauty that is unique combined with value that is trusted by millions of people around the world. The .999 or .9999 Fine Silver mark on each medallion/coin is known, and trusted, the world over.


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