RMR – Guest: Mimi Al Laham [aka SyrianGirl] (Video)

RMR – Guest: Mimi Al Laham [aka SyrianGirl] Video

Piton Pete
WWIII has been going on since the Axis of Evil that Neo Con PNAC , Mossad, M6, catalyzed with 911.
Bix and V are F’n Stupid to believe in Abiotic Expanding Earth Oil, and they should stick to trying to steal honest peoples money like JD Rockefeller.
The USA is the Terrorist!
It is nice to listen to a interview without someone not worried about the price of gold or other greedy bulls**t V is consumed with.
Enjoyed Syrian Gir. People in the Middle East have been suffering from American Imperialism since the discovery of oil and our false flag engagement in WW!.
Syrian Girl is great
Wake Up America….
Great Show Though ~ Thanks,…

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