Fire as a Weapon of War (Video)

Fire as a Weapon of War Video

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Historically fire has always been used as a weapon of war. In this elaborate 1850 painting by David Roberts entitled “The Seige and Destruction of Jerusalem by the Romans under the command of Titus, A.D. 70”, fire is being used by Roman engineers in an attempt to crack the massive stone walls of the city.

So, fire has been used as a weapon of war for thousands of years. It should be no surprise that in sophisticated civilizations – where history is rarely considered as an important academic subject – fire has been rediscovered as an easy way to cause a lot of destruction and make Americans feel unsafe.
Most of the fires along the Appalachian mountain chain over the Fall are thought to be the work of arsonists.

Two juveniles were arrested yesterday in the fires that nearly consumed Gatlinburg, Tennessee, killing 14 people. Authorities have not released any personal information about the two, however, if they are charged for the murder of 14 people as adults, all will be known.

Interestingly, every report on this arrest listed in the main page of Google News this morning referred to these suspected arsonists as “juveniles” – except for one TV station in western Massachusetts which referred to them as “children”, perhaps in a misguided attempt to soften the crime.

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Simultaneously, in Israel, hundreds of fires broke out, burning 500 homes and 32,000 acres of forests and national parks. Twenty three suspected arsonists have been arrested, according to the Jerusalem Post.

Twitter posts celebrated the fires throughout the Arab world with the hashtag, “Tel_Aviv_IsBurning”.

In the midst of these fires Palestinian Authority leader Mahmoud Abbas sent Arab firefighters to help extinguish the blazes. Some thought this represented a great breakthrough in relations of the two historic enemies.

However, according to the Jerusalem Post article, this move by the Palestinian Authority – or PA – was merely to be used for propaganda purposes to hide the fact that the families of these arsonists will be supported financially by the PA for the entire time of their confinement.

“According to Palestinian law anyone imprisoned for ‘resisting the occupation’ receives a high monthly salary. Therefore, all of those convicted and imprisoned for arson will receive PA salaries ‘from the day of arrest until the day of release.’ ”

“Salaries for terrorists rise the longer terrorists are in jail. Terrorists convicted of murder and serving life sentences will reach a high salary of 12,000 New Israeli Shekles – about $3,000 a month – more than four times the average Palestinian salary.”

Sickeningly, the more people killed, the higher the salary.

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