A not so subtle threat from the Russian military (the “allies” better pay attention)

A not so subtle threat from the Russian military (the “allies” better pay attention)

TDC Note – Below are comments that were posted at The Saker under this video. They are very telling as to the role of the UN and how these warmongers are handling Syria. These Noble Peace Prize winning warmongers are, for whatever reason, determined to create the atmosphere to spark World War 3. If Trump doesn’t pull the U.S. military out of Syria as soon as he takes office, the deep state will take us to war in 2017. It seems these warmongers are leaving China and Russia no choice but to retaliate, which will be spun by the presstitute media as an “attack” against the U.S, when, in fact, these countries are defending themselves from mercenaries and CIA funded, trained and armed terrorist.

The image above is of the hospital in question, before the bombing attack. It is from another report you can find here>>>


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vot tak on December 06, 2016  ·  at 3:57 am UTC

China is also being more direct:

Chinese Envoy: UK ‘Poisoning’ Atmosphere on UN Security Council in Vote on Syria


“What right does he have to distort the position of other countries? The Security Council is a solemn forum. It is not a place where groundless attacks can be made on other countries’ positions,” Liu said Monday.

He added: “I would like to request the UK representative to put an end to such practice of poisoning the atmosphere of the Security Council and abusing the solemn forum of the Council. This is not the first time that he did this, and I hope that such actions will not be repeated in the future.”


Eimar on December 07, 2016  ·  at 9:39 am UTC

Mathew Rycroft was a private Foreign Affairs secretary at the time of the UK involvement in the invasion of Iraq.

His job seems to have been to assist in the groundwork to smooth the passage of selling the war to the British public and political opposition: mainly, through insisting on the US go through the UN, even though the decision to invade had ready been taken.

Appearance is all.


If you open the link, scroll down to pages17 / 19, where you can see how the ‘conditions’ – going through the UN for example – were essentially for ‘form’, and were little more than a veneer of quasi-legal respectability to benefit from immunity.

So he’s now clearly been tasked with selling intervention in Syria in much the same way, as part of the ‘no-fly’ zone strategy declared recently by congress: he has a history of liasing with US.

His tactics might be better derailed by persistent reference to his role in the Iraq invasion, recently declared by General Mattis as a ‘strategic mistake’.

Such major credibility issues can surely be adroitly exploited by someone as smart and experienced as Churkin (I don’t know of Liu, but he certainly sounds astute).

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