GOLD (Video)

GOLD Video

It’s one of the top performing junior mining stocks for the year. It lasting through the bear market outperforming the competition. Today Chairman Amir Adnani of Brazil Resources announces that the company has diversified worldwide and thus will change its name to GoldMining Inc., acquiring ticker symbol GOLD on the TSXV and GOLDLF on the OTC. This is the stock our subscribers have been the most excited about for years and this update could not have come at a more timely opportunity.

00:20 Introduction, Brazil Resources Now GoldMining Inc
02:45 Shares in BRI & BRIZF will Auto-Convert
03:00 Acquiring diversified Assets, 18Mil oz Gold in ground
05:45 Mining & Metals show in London Post-BREXIT feel
07:45 Gold is now Way oversold; Neg Rates, Inflation, Trump
09:30 Recent fundraising, stock at $2, gold correction
10:30 Insiders Own 25% of company, new acquisition plans
12:00 New big investors coming onboard; GOLD among the best
13:30 Rick Rule & Doug Casey & More Backing the company
16:00 GoldMining also levereaged to Copper prices
17:20 Uranium project another profit strategy for GOLD
18:40 This is one of few companies over-delivering results

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