The Next Big Silver Opportunity – Gregory Crowe of Silver One Resources (Video)

The Next Big Silver Opportunity – Gregory Crowe of Silver One Resources Video

This interview is a much needed introduction to a fantastic opportunity in the mining space. Silver One is a comapny that came about through 3 property acquisitions from First Mining Finance. Gregory Crowe, the CEO who we’re interviewing today was literally pulled out of retirement to lead this company and we expect him to do extremely well with his over 30 years experience in the space. Greg explains what the market sentiment is, the cause of the recent correction and what Trump in Office means for Commodities in general.

00:05 Daniel Investing in First Majestic since 2009
01:30 Gold & Silver Price Correction Explained
02:00 Market Expectation for Trump to Recover Economy
03:00 2017-2019 Should be BIG Gold & Siler Rally
03:30 Metal Premiums in Asia are Higher than in West
04:20 Base Metals Recovering, Commidties on the Rise
05:45 Silver One Assets, Expectations & Opportunity
07:00 One project with over 10 Million Oz of Silver
09:10 Greg pulled out of retirement for Silver One
10:45 Learn More about Silver One, stock performing well: – TSXV: SVE, OTC: SLVRF
604-974-5274, [email protected]


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