Judicial Corruption, Gold/Silver and Crimes Committed by the Too Big Jail Banking System

Judicial Corruption, Gold/Silver and Crimes Committed by the Too Big Jail Banking System

The only people still living under the misguided notion the markets, 80% or more around the world, are freely traded hasn’t been paying attention to the onslaught of cases that have resulted in massive million and billion dollar fines against the too big to jail banks.

We had the latest report of market rigging to hit the wire late yesterday afternoon when Deutsche Bank agreed to pay a $60 million fine for rigging the gold price market on top of the $38 million fine for rigging the silver price market. There are now four other banks that are up next for the market rigging scheme perpetuated by these criminals. The sad part in all of this is – fraud used to be illegal. Today, nothing happens but a small fine, cost of doing business, and the too big to jail banks continue breaking the law until the next court case, the next fine comes down the pike. No big deal, commit crimes against humanity and no one seems to notice, no one seems to care. But if you identify a transgender by the wrong sex (a he that should be identified as a she) well, now, we have a problem. Or, heaven forbid, you say actual citizens of a country have rights and ILLEGAL aliens have no rights – them’s fightin’ words. Snowflakes falling all over the place to remind us we are subhuman.

Another loyal reader has sent much needed information regarding what has happened over the past several years with the latest, exposed as fact, crime spree by the too big to jail banking cabal. This very detailed information walks you through the timeline of what happened, who, specifically, was involved and how the whole Deutsche Bank gold and silver price suppression market rigging scheme almost never made it to court. We are very grateful for this information as this is the type of information that proves beyond question GATA has been right, the tin-foil-hatters documenting the market rigging have all been right and introduces us to some of the behind scenes players that were pulling the levers to make it happen.

Below is the beginning of this time line which is continued to it’s conclusion at the homesite. I would encourage you to read the crib notes, click the links of interest and get caught up the on who, what, when, why of our entire monetary system is a fraud. Gold and silver are still money, that has not changed. Gold is very much a part of the global monetary system and is accounted for in some weird way that is not visible outside the back rooms where the real deal making goes on. If gold were not part of the monetary system then explain to me why there is always a big deal made about it by the criminal banking cabal, central banks being so secretive and why governments refuse to conduct audits on their gold holdings? Why is gold and silver never discussed? Why? Because if it is not discussed we will never know anything about it – therefore, allowing for the uberwealthy to control the entire system with mechanism we know nothing about. If you want to call me a fin-foil-hatter, that’s fine, just remember, all the items people were calling “theory” have been unraveling at an ever increasing pace and proven to be fact. Case in point – what this article is reporting!!

Exposing Deutsche Bank’s silver and gold rigging and the judicial corruption that nearly allowed them to get away with it

Note: quotations in this document may be satirical, but do not misrepresent the conduct of the people to whom they are attributed


Apr 2008 Banks accused of interest rate manipulation
“That’s an interesting conspiracy theory but that doesn’t happen” – David Nicholls of Deutsche Bank.

Deutsche Bank trader Tom Hayes is pictured – now serving time for Libor manipulation
May 2011
‘Conspiracy theorists’ blame fall of silver price on precious metal price manipulation
12 Dec 2013 BaFin announces investigation into Deutsche Bank for gold manipulation
Deutsche Bank resigns its seat from the London Bullion Market Association
Deutsche Bank threatened with a Frankfurt lawsuit
  • Deutsche Bank replies that it will investigate the claims in the threat
  • Deutsche Bank announces an internal gold manipulation audit
  • Deutsche Bank replies that it has investigated the claim in the threat and found the claim baseless
  • Deutsche Bank still telling the world it is investigating itelf
  • A lawsuit is undertaken in Frankfurt which exposes the duplicity of its audits and is served on Juergen Fitschen CEO of Deutsche Bank
  • Fitschen accused of fraud and perjury in the Koch lawsuit by Munich prosecutors.
  • Fitschen refuses to attend the hearing in Frankfurt. His written defence denies market manipulation. His defence never mentions the audits.
12 Nov 2014 Swiss regulator and US DoJ begin investigations into Deutsche Bank for precious metal price manipulation.
25 Jan 2015 A lawsuit B40BM021 is started in the Midlands (UK) that also refers to Deutsche Bank’s duplicitous audits
— Defandants are all members of the Libor Manipulation Cartel..

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