Who Gets The $60 Million Deutsche Bank Just Agreed to Pay for Rigging Gold Price?

Who Gets The $60 Million Deutsche Bank Just Agreed to Pay for Rigging Gold Price?

This comes on the heels of Deutsche Bank paying out $38 million for rigging the silver market. But, “markets”, around the world, are NOT rigged. The only “markets” that are rigged are the ones that have something to do with trading a commodity, currency, equity or bond. Otherwise, no rigging at all.

This is very typical of Reuters and all the rest of the mainstream media pressitutes. Put out information late day, on Friday, when fewer people are looking and allow it float down the memory hole.

This is still a big deal, as there are many people, within the gold and silver community, that refuse to recognize that gold and silver pricing mechanism is rigged. It doesn’t get much clearer than an admission in a court of law, under oath followed by a class-action lawsuit. How much louder can the scream get before it is accepted these “markets”, all markets, are completed rigged?


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