Trump May Be Banned From Twitter (Video)

Trump May Be Banned From Twitter Video

Mainstream media outlets are calling for Donald Trump to be banned from Twitter. Not just your typical twits on the service, but major media outlets, and there’s even a petition with over 22,000 signatures.

ISIS is allowed, but Trump is considered a monster…RIDICULOUS!

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Hanna Nejjar
But for the pedos posting child porn or ” cheese pizza”
Thats all gooood for twitter banning people denouncing those Pedos account
F**k Twitter
Come to Gab you people

I had to listen from liberals for months how Trump is going to lose and it will be hilarious. Now that he’s won, they’re all crying. They all shamed Donald Trump for saying he would not accept Hillary for president – when in fact he did say he would. And now that he has won, they have completely gone against that rhetoric. The fact that you have the left destroying their own cities just shows that they are intolerant babies.

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