Threat of large West Pacific Unrest + Earthquake forecast areas hit (Video)

Threat of large West Pacific Unrest + Earthquake forecast areas hit Video

The potential now exists for large earthquake activity to develop in the West Pacific. A new round of deep earthquakes has struck below Fiji.. putting New Zealand and the Solomon Islands both at risk for large M6.0 to M7.0+ activity to strike this week.

Additionally, the compensation movement that will occur from this deep activity should displace the NW Pacific near Japan’s “silent zone central point” .. the fulcrum point off the coast of Northeast Japan. The expected magnitude in Japan will be less than the Solomon island / New Zealand events.. but still above M6.0. Most likely striking in the midrange M6.0 (M6.5) level. Coast of Honshu North to the Coast of Hokkaido is the most likely point of striking, however the entire country of Japan should be put on notice of incoming activity within 4 days from now (nov 30 2016 1100pm US central time).

Today (nov 30) we also saw the English channel be struck by a M2.1 along with the border of Macedonia / Greece struck by a M4.1, additionally the Eastern edge of Romania was struck by the expected earthquake activity (M3.8/M4.0) forecast to occur in yesterdays EQ forecast (nov 29). See the forecast for the English channel and other areas here:

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