Rob Kirby & Chris Waltzek (Podcast)

Rob Kirby & Chris Waltzek (Podcast)


  • Rob Kirby of Kirby Analytics notes that the smart money, deep pockets and institutional investors are diversifying away the dollar exposure in favor of PMs.
  • Our guest proposes that an enormous tonnage of gold was dropped on the market following the US election – nearly the entire US reserves at Fort Knox. 
  • The move is an “act of desperation by policymakers” to contain gold and give the false illusion of weakness. 
  • The “Deep State” globalists have forced India’s Modi to drop the 1,000 / 500 Rupee notes to quash physical gold sales during peak seasonal demand.
  • Officials in India admit that the total digital currency system will involve 100% taxation of every transaction.
  • Due to gold leasing schemes, central banks are creating “Phantom Gold” that exists only on paper concealing a Mount Everest sized stack of IOUs.
  • When combined with the global fiat / fractional reserve system, 7 billion global inhabitants may be facing the perfect “algorithm of economic disaster.”
  • A favorite economic indicator of Warren Buffet, Freight Traffic remains anemic, suggesting that the robust GDP figure may be an illusion.
  • Rob Kirby corroborates Dr. Stephen Leeb’s speculation that the PBoC may actually own 10 times as much gold reserves as officially reported.
  • Eventually the Yuan will eclipse the currencies of all competing BRICS and NATO nations as the de facto reserve currency. 
  • Investors are advised to prepare for a tidal wave of Greenbacks resulting in Venuzeulan-like prices.
  • US officials, via the new Administration have a duty / obligation and opportunity to secure national sovereignty by procuring at least 20,000 metric tons of gold.

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