Does Rare “Thunderstorm Asthma” Just Sound Made Up or What? (Video)

Does Rare “Thunderstorm Asthma” Just Sound Made Up or What? Video

TDC Note – Sounds like BS to me, oh yeah, let’s not forget “chemtrails” are a theory!


So… Is the mainstream media just playing a game now to see how much nonsense they can get people to believe without question? Question everything.

The fact that anyone would automatically accept this explanation as valid without even a slight pause is proof we live in a scientific dictatorship. This society relies way too much on mainstream media reports and so-called “expert” explanations — no matter how utterly ridiculous and contrived they sound — and not enough on trusting their own critical thinking skills and common sense… which sadly may not be so common anymore. The various implications of this story are horrifying and the supposed threat of ultra rare “thunderstorm asthma” isn’t the reason why. Question everything.

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First these Maniacal Wack Jobs began killing all the Plant Life using their Chem Sprays on us as if we were some kind of nefarious Bug which was in much need of being eradicated and now this..The largest Ocean on the Plane and most Majestic Pacific is Dying and the Bio Toxins from Fukushima Di-ichi’s Melt-Downs ( 3 Reactors ) Spent Fuel rods, the Cores loaded with Uranium and Plutonium by products are hemorrhaging into Mother Pacific and nobody is speaking of this..The fact that we have been letting these Monsters in Washington the UK and the UN get away with doing this to us for so long should be a real wake up call to the rest who “DO NOT SLEEP LIKE SHEEP”…In the Bible it states that at the end “The Lamb will Lye Down with The Lion” but it does not say this anymore my friends..The wording has been changed recently, how they did it I do not know but now goes like this… “The Lamb will Lye down with the WOLVES” look it up if you don’t believe me, Much like the Movie, THEY LIVE, a Species of ugly predator type Monsters set up shop in America in order to keep us as OBEDIENT SLAVES to a race of Creatures we’ve never seen in the Sun Light for what they really are..I do believe this is why the Persistent Spraying much like Terra forming Earth and of our Skies go on Daily with no questions asked, much like Cock-Roaches…THEY CAN NOT STAND THE LIGHT!!!

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