Federal Government False Flag Actors

Federal Government False Flag Actors

Main stream media stalwart publisher, The Washington Post, claims those sites that anyone who disagrees with or challenges the elite’s narrative is part of a massive Russian propaganda consortium, despite a total absence of any evidence.  The worst offender of all forms of propaganda is the elite’s corporation, aka the federal government.

False flags are the federal government’s go-to schemes for defrauding the public in every way imaginable.  Here are but a few.  Not covered here are the myriad deaths of those who get in the way of the elite’s narrative, including journalists.

False Flag Crisis Actors

This page simply shows the crisis actors who have been used in several False Flag event, which proves that the events are controlled by the evil ones.

Here is the same crisis actor who was supposedly a former classmate of the alleged Sandy Hook shooter Adam Lanza; who now is the sister of James Foley who was supposedly beheaded on the fake video.


So ummmm, this video will help you see… ummmm, that they are the same people ?

Here is Robbie Parker, supposed dad of a Sandy Hook child victim, smiling before the cameras are rolling, and then going into what looks like acting mode.

Here, a disabled army vet who is supposedly injured during the Boston Marathon.  He looks pretty calm for missing two legs.



Here’s a video that exposes the crisis actors at the Boston Marathon.  Here’s some still photos that expose the deception http://beforeitsnews.com/conspiracy-theories/2013/04/boston-marathon-crisis-actors-2450330.html


This lady is the lawyer for the alleged shooter at the Batman Aurora Theater shooting, and is also a grieved parent of a Sandy Hook victim.

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