EU Admits It Would Dissolve If People Had A Choice (Video)

EU Admits It Would Dissolve If People Had A Choice Video

E.U. Head van Rompuy was raised by the JESUITS, Head of the European Commission Barroso was trained at JESUIT Georgetown University, Head of the European Central Bank, Mario Draghi was Trained at an Italian JESUIT University. And in Front of the European Parliament is a WOMAN RIDING A BEAST, inside is a Giant Statue of the Pontiffex Maximus > the Pope. Papal Rome is also Uniting the Worlds Religions for the coming NWO ( Worldwide Antichrist System ) under the U.N.. Just like Bible Prophecy says ; ALL NWO Roads lead to Rome. Turn to Jesus Christ because this SPIRITUAL WAR against these Devilish forces can Only be Won with GOD on your Side and the Bible in your Hearts. God bless

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If I had a choice.. which I had voting against the EU constitution way back, the EU would not have been a reality.. If it wasn’t for a thing called treaty of Lisbon we would not be in it. But because of that treaty we are anyway bypassing all the NO voters of which I was one.. That makes the EU kind of illegal doesn’t it..
Many voted NO for the EU and yet it is reality. How the f*ck do people not see we are conned in to it beats me?
The sooner it dissolves the better, let’s make it happen and yes let’s dissolve NATO and the UN while we are at it and all of their corporate minions to.. Indeed we have no choice.. therefore we should completely stop complying with ALL the bullshit they need us to comply with in order for the EU to even exist.. And very much so start to live our own responsible lives bypassing them as they have bypassed us.. It can be done.. we never gave it a try.. we should..

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