Brent Johnson: Gold & Silver Will Continue The Uptrend In 2017 (Video)

Brent Johnson: Gold & Silver Will Continue The Uptrend In 2017 Video

Wall St for Main St welcome back Brent Johnson. He is a former Wall Street analyst and founder of Santiago Capital.

What did we talk about?

1. We did a review of 2016 and discussed major events that happened in the economy and market such as Brexit, Federal Reserve raising the interest rate, Trump winning the election, stock market making all time highs, Euro banks collapse and precious metals surge.

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2. An overview of what to come in 2017 with Trump’s pro-growth economic policies, precious metals market, the possibility of the Feds raising rate again and much more.

Max Amillion
There’s a lot of talk now of a double bottom near 1050 before resumption of the bull market as it’s historically happened twice. I’ve been sitting out of miners for a while now just watching and quashing my gold bug mindset/looking at it objectively. Maybe another leg up after the FOMC meeting and then it’s low into early 2017? We’ll see. If the dollar stays strong we could see Harry Dent levels for Gold. He said he’d buy “hand over fist at $700”.

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