America Is Committing Suicide

America Is Committing Suicide

America is committing death by immigration, it is a form of national suicide. The patient is almost terminal.

The Attacks At Ohio State University

Somalia jihadist, Abdul Razak Ali Artan,the Ohio State University terrorist, was not just a Muslim immigrant from Somalia who attempted to kill several Ohio State students, he was in the country under the Refugee/Resettlement regulations created by the Obama administration.

By virtue of the fact that this fundamental Islamic terrorist was sponsored by Obama, meant that your tax dollars, provided for this Jihadi with food, shelter, and education grants.  Do your children get these benefits from Obama? It is cases like these that make being a person who possesses American citizen to be a handicap  rather than a privilege.  In effect, your tax dollars sponsored this heinous act of terrorism and it was performed with the complicit support of the Obama administration.

Many are asking the question as to what made this person launch an indiscriminate attack upon the very Americans who were supporting his life and his college education? Is he an ISIS operative? It really does not matter as this terrorist was carrying out the ISIS edict, either way, which is the indiscriminate murder of American citizens.

Many of our universities are responsible as well. The decision for Universities to tell their professors to not teach American exceptionalism as if we were a nation on the same par as Somalia, a nation that beheads Christians. Don’t tell me that I don’t know what I am talking about. Several years ago, I was forced to sit through a social justice presentation combined with the roll-out of Arizona State University’s Sustainable Development undergraduate and graduate programs and this was a central theme which accompanied the communist notion of social justice. These extreme left wing philosophies place the blame for all of the world’s ills on the existence of American civil liberties and our “flawed” belief that American are superior in any fashion.

If one doesn’t believe that these extreme leftist and Marxist policies  don’t fuel this anti-American sentiment, and that this is not intentional, then ask yourself why no other University has condemned these actions  at Ohio State and labeled them for what they are: FUNDAMENTAL ISLAMIC TERRORISM.

Trump is correct, our refusal to correctly label the problem prevents us from solving the problem. Can you imagine that if in World War II, we could not use the term Nazis to describe the German government?

The Cold Hard Facts

We are on a path to national suicide when it comes to our immigration policies.

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