Alt-Media Sites ‘Listed’ as Kremlin Agitprop by Faceless Ukro-Trolls of @PropOrNot Threaten to Sue for Libel

Alt-Media Sites ‘Listed’ as Kremlin Agitprop by Faceless Ukro-Trolls of @PropOrNot Threaten to Sue for Libel by James the Russian Analyst

Link to the ‘Press Release’ Put Out About @PropOrNot in Response to Widespread Condemnation Across the Political Landscape from Rolling Stone to Zerohedge

Sue the Bastards: US News Reports some Alt-Media Have Had Enough and Want to See @PropOrNot’s Anonymous Ukro-Trolls and Contributors in Court

What is clear however, is that should the increasingly organized and apparently centrally planned push against ‘Russian propaganda’ continue to smear Americans who’ve never taken a kopek in Russian funding from the Kremlin or Moscow’s corporations, simply because they disagree with U.S. foreign policy, there is bound to be pushback. Including private and journalistic investigations into whether some of the individuals whose ‘work’ was cited by @PropOrNot (but who have disavowed working with it under online scrutiny), including Andrew Weisburd and ex-US Army officer Joel Harding, have ties of their own to foreign governments targeting free speech by Americans, especially the regime in Kiev.

While both Weisburd and Harding deny being anything other than private citizens and self-appointed witch hunters of Kremlin trolls (with Harding facing amateur sleuths digging into his announced contacts with @PropOrNot), it would be interesting to see them — or employees of the FPRI — denying under cross examination in libel court receiving payment or instructions from the Ukrainian Embassy in Washington. Or in Weisburd’s case, watching him in the dock denying knowing any ‘ex’ intelligence officers from a small country in the southeastern Mediterranean known for aggressively spying on American soil…

“Several American news outlets are considering legal action against the anonymous person or group that last week published a widely distributed list of alleged Russian propaganda outlets and “bona-fide ‘useful idiots’” of the Kremlin.

Online publications including the influential news-aggregating Drudge Report, the primary-source publisher WikiLeaks and news outlets of various leanings made “the list” hosted on the website

The Washington Post leaned heavily on the anonymous group’s claims last week in an article reporting that “two teams of independent researchers” – including the Foreign Policy Research Institute and PropOrNot – had found a “Russian propaganda effort helped spread ‘fake news’” ahead of the recent presidential election.

The term “fake news” has become a flashpoint since the election, with many mainstream media outlets claiming an epidemic of bogus reporting during the election campaign, soliciting stiff pushback from independent outlets that say the term is being used in a bid to censor social media and news platforms of independent viewpoints.

The anonymous website offers no individual analysis to justify its listing of sites, many of them with political views distinct from the mainstream media, such as the Ron Paul Institute,, the finance blog Zero Hedge and the Black Agenda Report.


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